The solution for lifting your residential concrete structures

Sustainable, cost-effective and time-saving home renovations: the key to hassle-free projects

If you are concerned about the condition of your concrete structures because they either pose a potential danger to your home or affect its aesthetics, GeoFix will solve the problem with its highly efficient solution of calibrated injection of high-resistance polymer.

Once the problem is identified, only 3 steps are needed to complete the project:
Drill the holes to insert the tips for injection → inject the polymer → patch the holes

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Works on outdoor concrete structures

Our innovative geofixing solution allows you to solve problems of subsidence of your outdoor concrete structures, without having to resort to heavy machinery that would damage your land or landscaping.

Our work is completed by our specialized team in a single day. This allows you to continue your activities and to access your restored spaces in complete peace of mind, as soon as our team leaves.

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Works on indoor concrete structures

The subsidence of your foundation slab is a problem that deserves serious attention. Caused by a variety of reasons, both natural and man-made, signs of subsidence, such as a gap between the floor and the wall, are indicators of potentially more serious problems.

GeoFix offers a quick and non-invasive solution to your basement slab subsidence. No destruction nor reconstruction of your slab is required, therefore reducing costs, the duration of the project and the management of multiple crews. Get your space back in one day and regain your peace of mind knowing that your slab has been lifted and your structure has been solidified.

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Work completed in a single day


Time and cost-efficient


Adapted to the Quebec climate


No heavy machinery required


Realization from A to Z | Turnkey project


No demolition nor reconstruction required


Why does concrete collapse?

The majority of settlement problems are due to soil movement and changes over time. Here are the two main changes that can affect the stability of your concrete slab.

First change: soil contraction

Depending on its composition (clay, sand, rocks, etc.), soil can become compacted when a certain weight is imposed on it. Thus, a concrete slab installed on hard and compact soil may remain more stable than one installed on soft soil, which has less bearing capacity. On the other hand, clay or loam soils are more prone to settling on their own when they dry out. When the earth sinks under the slab, the slab is no longer fully supported by the soil, causing its own subsidence and the formation of cracks.

Second change: soil leaching

Heavy rainfall and over-watering of lawns, plants, and trees near the tiles can cause the soil in your yard to wash away. Groundwater will wash away some of the soil and create voids under the slabs. Without uniform support, the concrete will gradually settle and crack in some areas. The presence of unwanted animals digging burrows, broken underground pipes, and excavation near pool sidewalks can also form cavities under pools.

How can we help prevent soil subsidence?

During dry spells, be sure to irrigate the soil in your yard to compensate for its moisture loss and prevent it from shrinking. Water trees near the slabs properly to prevent their roots from spreading too far and absorbing moisture from the soil under the slabs. This could cause the soil to compact, creating voids under the slabs.

The solution to the double sidewalk problem

If you have a double sidewalk in your yard and only one of the two sidewalks has collapsed, you should know that it is possible to proceed with its repair and renovation in a targeted manner thanks to our process. You will keep its original appearance and save a lot of money compared to the traditional method.

How do we do the repair?

Previously, the problematic tile(s) were destroyed and removed for replacement. This service was very expensive and invasive. Alternatively, concrete slabs (such as swimming pools) were lifted by injecting liquid mortar underneath them. The major disadvantage of this method of repair was that it added extra weight to a floor that was already struggling to support the weight of the concrete. The drying time was also much longer. Now, GeoFix offers a state-of-the-art solution that greatly facilitates the leveling and straightening of concrete slabs and surfaces (including swimming pool sidewalks): the injection of high-strength polymer. This technique also fills the voids in the soil, giving it the necessary strength and resistance. After analyzing the problem, we will install nozzles at strategic locations on your slabs to be corrected through which we will inject two liquids simultaneously. By mixing, they will form a high-density foam capable of taking 15 times its original volume. This is how the concrete lifts. We will precisely control the amount of foam injected in order to obtain the desired results: straight and level slabs, solidly anchored and properly supported. No need for heavy machinery! In only 30 minutes, the foam will have hardened: the sidewalk slabs will be safe for bathers again.

A special polymer developed by GeoFix

In collaboration with Genyk, we have developed a special polymer adapted to Quebec’s climate and the different types of soil found in the Belle Province. The result of several years of research and development in Quebec, our high-density polymer resists freezing and thawing. Insoluble and waterproof, it will never disintegrate in water. Therefore, it will keep all its power through time and will not contaminate the ground with chemicals. Made in part from recycled materials, our lightweight polymer is also used for industrial purposes, demonstrating its high efficiency for residential use.


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