Sainte-Julie shopping center


Sidewalks with a negative slope raised

The sidewalk of the shopping center located on avenue de l’Abée Théorêt in
Sainte-Julie presented a big problem.

It had a negative slope (towards the buildings) which caused water to accumulate and create seepage. In total, 250′ of sidewalk 8′ wide were raised by more than 4” on the side of the facade of the businesses. This operation required two days of work and no store had to close during this period. Thanks to GeoFix, the owners have avoided all the hassle and delays of breaking and redoing the concrete.

The project in short

Concrete straightening, realization: The Sainte-Julie shopping center

Work done in 2 days to correct 2,000 square feet of concrete.

A solution 90% less expensive than the alternative (demolition-reconstruction)