Frequently Asked Questions

Is your solution durable?

We offer a 5 year warranty on our products and our application. However, our solution usually lasts for the life of your concrete.

How do we control the concrete rise?

GeoFix has all the state-of-the-art tools, such as laser level, needed to accurately control the adjustment, levelling and stabilization work of a concrete slab or floor.

Is the product used like insulation urethane?

Not at all. The polymer formulas we use were designed to support heavy loads with their specific molecular structure. This is not the case for insulation products.

How long before a concrete slab or floor that has been adjusted, levelled or stabilized can be walked or rolled on?

You can use the concrete slab or floor immediately; however, the polymer reaches its maximum strength after 2 hours.

Do you do concrete finishing?

Although we apply cement to close the small injection holes, we do not do any finishing per se. We let those specialized in this field do the work.

Is it expensive?

Our solution is really cost-efficient. It is often 50% cheaper than the cost of the traditional reconstruction method.

Will your intervention damage my land?

Our intervention barely leaves any trace. It does not require any heavy equipment, and we work within the perimeter of your concrete slab or floor so the work does not cause any damage.

How does your intervention impact the environment?

Our intervention has no impact on the environment. Our polymer formulas are completely hydrophobic and do not mix with any surrounding elements. Furthermore, given that the material is inert, it does not cause any risks to the environment.

What sectors do you serve?

GeoFix is constantly growing with the increasing demand for the real benefits of our innovation solution. We are now covering most of Quebec, especially for large-scale work, and can justify our travel costs.

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