Filling of gaps underneath the concrete slabs


Following renovation work, a plumbing issue, a water main break or a problem on a neighbouring land, a void underneath your concrete slab or floor threatens its integrity. Its risks of sinking and suffering major resulting issues are real and a source of concern for you.

With the calibrated injection of a high-resistance polymer formula, the GeoFix solution helps to quickly and sustainably fill any known gap threatening your concrete slab or floor and therefore prevent it from sinking. Using our state-of-the-art tridimensional scanners, our teams can meticulously plan the work necessary and avoid you any nasty surprises.

Careful planning

To prevent any nasty surprise

Economic intervention

For work done in a flash

Eco-friendly process

To avoid harming the environment

Lasting results

For the full life of your concrete infrastructure

High-resistance formulas

Our high-resistance polymer formulas, developed by local chemists, have proven their worth in various weather conditions and all types of worksites, from the simplest to the most complex. With the innovative solution of GeoFix, you save time and money by avoiding any nasty surprises brought about by the untimely sinking of your concrete slab or floor.

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Why fill cavities under a concrete slab?

A cavity (i.e. an empty space) under your concrete slab poses a high risk of collapse. If you notice that your slab is no longer touching the floor in one or more places, you must act quickly before it breaks. Otherwise, there is a good chance that you will end up with an uneven floor. Your family and guests could stumble into it. Not to mention the fact that such a break in your slab is detrimental to its aesthetics.

Keep an eye on tiles outside your home, such as those on the deck, spa, pavements, or around the pool.