Concrete slab adjustment


A concrete slab that is sinking multiples the risks of injuries and equipment failure thereby undermining your productivity and profitability. Sometimes, its also risks leading to structural weakening with disastrous consequences.

The GeoFix solution, which focuses on the calibrated injection of a high-resistance polymer formula, helps you to quickly eliminate these risks, without the high costs and major delays linked to the traditional demolition and reconstruction method. Slab jacking is a truly modern and efficient way to solve concrete problems at a fraction of the price.


Work often completed the same day


No more high costs related to demolition and reconstruction


Load capacity up to 10,000 pounds per square feet


No harm to the environment

Solve your sinking problem in no time

Is a sinking concrete slab or floor putting a stop to our productivity, threatening the structural integrity or undermining your quality of life? The innovative solution of GeoFix is a quick, cost-efficient and durable answer to your problem.

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